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Ann’s Chicken Fry House Review

I'm a little late on this review/memory of Ann’s Chicken Fry House but after a pandemic and a car accident, I'm back. Ann’s Chicken Fry House had been in the community for nearly 50 years and due to the pandemic, it's now closed. Sad to see it go but I felt lucky I got the experience it before it closed

I remember seeing Ann’s Chicken Fry House every weekend when I would go to 39th Street (US Route 66) to watch all the street cars race. I had never been in but the building stuck out because of the cool cars that were in front of it.

When I entered the restaurant I really took in that retro vibe and in a way it felt like I was in that era. It was so crazy to see all of that memorabilia and writings on the walls from years of people visiting this place from all over the world. It felt like the kind of place someone would go to 3 times a week and they would know them by name and just ask them what they are having today.

Like I said at the beginning, I can't really do a review because I can't remember the taste of the food and they are not open any longer. So as far as that they get a 10 out of 10 for being around so long and serving so many people. This place will be truly missed.