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Cattleman's Steakhouse Review

Since I was a child, I knew about Cattleman's Steakhouse and had seen all the commercials. I’ve never had Cattleman's before today because I didn't believe that some little place in Cow-town could cook a really good steak. I WAS WRONG! There we go, I said it, I was wrong, this place was OUTSTANDING and the steak was perfect. Now on to the review.

Since opening in 1910, Cattleman's Steakhouse has been a local favorite and many people would say they have the best steaks. When I arrived at Cattleman's, I couldn't believe there were so many people and I had never tried it before. I had to wait for a table (about 30 minutes), so I walked around to take some photos and look at some of the other places in Stockyard City which was kind of cool.

received a text on my phone that said “Please check in with the host at Cattleman’s Steakhouse. Your table is ready.” I was really amazed how huge this place was inside because of it’s small exterior and as busy as they were, how they didn’t need a bigger place. I noticed they had tons of old black & white photos on the wall from the earlier years of the restaurant, which kind of took you back to all the years they've been open.

I ordered the Lamb Fries with cocktail sauce, Blue Ribbon Special Rib-eye Prime Steak with a baked potato and chili (the order came with toasted bread and the house made garlic dressing). To start off, the dressing was amazing. After about 15 minutes, the waitress brought my Lamb Fries and I was remarkably surprised because I have never had lamb fries before; they were quite outstanding, pretty soft and very tasty.

After a few short minutes, I received the chili and it was really good; it tasted like home cooked chili (I wasn't amazed but it was good). Then the time had arrived, I finally got my steak dinner and it looked like it should be the cover photo of a magazine. I had been thinking all evening about how I could describe this steak and tell you how good it was but I’m still at a loss for words. The steak was cooked perfectly and tasted flawless, it melted in my mouth like butter. I’ve never had a better steak than I had at Cattlemen’s Steakhouse. Cattleman’s was amazing and the experience was just as cool. I will definitely be returning to try some of the other food on the menu. Now I totally understand why they have stayed open for over 100 years and are able to keep such a huge following. If you live in OKC or you're just hauling some cows to the east, you should definitely stop and have a steak at Cattleman’s; you won't be disappointed.