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Empire Pizza Review

I’ve passed by the Empire Pizza off NW 16th street many times but have never actually stopped and tried it. A few days ago, they opened a new location at NW 63 & Classen Blvd. and thought this would be the perfect time to do a review.

The outside definitely had a modern look and when we walked into the restaurant, I was amazed by the movie posters on the wall that Chris pointed out to me. We were greeted by the staff and asked what we like today. I asked what pizza slices they had and he pointed to the screen on the wall. Chris mentioned later that the slices were named after movies which was pretty cool.

I went with Uncle Buck and a Diet Coke. The Uncle Buck was really good and the crust had a nice crunch but not too hard. Chris ordered the Joezilla and a Diet Coke; he said the pizza was amazing with a great blend of flavors and perfect crust. Chris stated that “it has a sweet kick and the onions and peppers were cooked perfectly. I will definitely be going back”. While we were eating, a member of the staff came and asked if we were enjoying our pizza and if we needed anything.

We both really enjoyed the pizza and the atmosphere at Empire Pizza. I will definitely be going back to Empire Pizza and can’t wait to try some other pizzas they serve. Chris said he will definitely be returning just to eat the Joezilla again plus some other pizzas as well. If you have never tried Empire Pizza, you should go try it now, like right now.