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Torchy's Tacos Review

Today while I was eating at Empire pizza, I noticed Torchy across the street and thought this would be the perfect time to do a review. I’ve passed by Torchys a few times and knew it was a taco shop but always wondered what the experience would be like.

When we walked in, I noticed it was very large on the inside which surprised me considering what I thought was a fast food restaurant. The order counter and the menu were huge, and it was clear that the devil (diablo) was their theme. The inside of the building had a really cool look and vibe.

I ordered a Beef Fajita (grilled beef, grilled onions and peppers, Pico de Gallo, Cheddar Jack cheese, Roja hot sauce on a flour tortilla) and I had the House Rocks Cocktail. The food was amazing, I don’t have one complaint about it. The fajita was hot, tasty and one of the most unique fajitas I’ve ever had. The House Rocks on the other hand was a little strong (heavy on the Tequila) and I’m not sure I would have it again.

Chris had the Tailgater Taco (Panko-Fried Chicken, Chopped Bacon, Green Chili Queso, Diablo Wing Sauce, Poblano Ranch Slaw, Blue Cheese crumbles, with a drizzle of honey on a flour tortilla) and he loved it. He said it had a nice blend of heat and favors. He stated “it is the best DAMN taco for the money”.

I may not live next to Torchys but I will definitely go out of my way to go there again. Looking forward to my next visit a week from now. Chris said it was one of the best tacos he has ever had and he is looking forward to trying a new taco off the menu. Torchys is a one of a kind taco place which is nice to see in Oklahoma City.