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Tucker's Onion Burgers Review

Today while driving on NW 23rd St. looking for a place to eat; I passed Tucker's Onion Burgers and decided to give it a try. When I pulled in the parking lot, the first thing that I noticed was the big piece of cardboard in the middle of the parking lot covering some type of oil spill (probably from someone's car that lives in the area) that needed to be cleaned up.

When I entered the restaurant, it was just basic; nothing on the wall to grab your attention, even the menu was boring (I had to ask where the menu was). After I finally found the menu, I ordered the Single Onion Burger with Cheese which came with onion, lettuce, tomato, pickle, ketchup, and mustard and a side of fries. After waiting about 10 minutes, they finally called my name “Justin S” but my name is Dustin S.; either way I didn't really care. So after getting my bag of food, I decided to go sit at the benches outside. After sitting down and pulling all my food from the bag, I unwrapped the burger and wasn’t too happy. It didn't look appetizing, it looked just like a Whopper from BK.

I bit into the burger hoping it would taste awesome but it had tiny pieces of meat loaded with onions that could have been cooked longer and whatever else was on it. I could not believe I paid $11.00 for this. I decided after eating half the burger, it wasn't worth it and just ended up eating the “alright” tasting fries (I might be biased on the fries because the burger was so bad). I almost feel like I would have been better off just eating at Whataburger and ordering it with grilled onions. Just to give Tucker's Onion Burger something good, I did enjoy sitting outside watching the cars go by as I ate my fries.

I passed by Tucker’s many times and really wanted to try it (hoping it would be good). After today, when I pass by Tuckers a tear will fall out of my eye remembering the good old days when I passed it knowing someday I will eat there. I will never eat at Tucker’s again and I don’t understand why people like it or eat it.